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v6 - Continue Faker

The main task of v6 is fixing technical debts and some cleanup.

v6.0 - Ensure project foundation

  • Rewrite project in TypeScript
  • Update dependencies and automate the process
  • Add/Extend build pipeline
  • Write JSDocs for most of the modules and methods
  • Add online documentation/website

v6.0 Tasks


v6.1 - First Bugfixes

  • Fix bugs in the implementation and data
  • Standardize some method parameters
  • Deprecate duplicate methods
  • Extend unit tests
  • Link missing locales
  • Improve documentation

v6.1 Tasks


v6.2 - First New Features

  • Introduce the first new features
  • Add/Update some locales
  • More cleanup

v6.2 Tasks



Further improvements


Released under the MIT License.